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Our approach

From brand websites to entire webshops. From landing pages to conversion optimization. We develop rock-solid responsive websites that increase your brand's reach, bring in more leads and exceed your conversion rate targets.

step 1


  • Specify the objectives

    Whether you want to increase webshop sales, start a community or increase your brand presence – every objective demands its own solution. This is why we always start with an in-depth discovery session, so that we can work with you to establish your desires, ideas and pinpoint any difficulties. This lets us look at your product, service and target group through your eyes.

  • Define the content structure

    Once we are all clear on your objectives, we look at how much content you already have, and how much still needs to be prepared. Then we define the content hierarchy and structure before preparing a sitemap. This is crucial for the functional design brief.

  • Develop the functional design brief

    During this phase, we bring together objectives and content into a blueprint for the website. In this functional design brief, we use broad terms to define how the pages will look, how they are linked to each other, and how visitors will navigate through them. We also detail sales funnels as part of this phase. Only once the functional design brief has met all the defined goals, do we start on the design phase.

step 2


  • UX and usability: the basis for conversion

    The user experience must be optimal in order to ensure an effective conversion rate for your site. It also ultimately determines the likeability of your brand. We firstly look at the user requirements that every solution must meet, from the online sales funnel to the complete customer journey. Then we build the foundations of an enjoyable user experience that delivers on conversion rates.

  • Visual design: for brands that simply have to stand out online

    Everyone who comes to Tallest is guaranteed a strong online presence. A perfect visual presentation of the brand is part of this. This doesn’t mean just sticking on a logo, we’re talking about an online style, crafted down to the finest detail, and tailored to the client's marketing objectives.

  • Interactivity is the icing on the cake

    The time for dull, static pages lies firmly in the past. Today's users want to be surprised when they explore a website. From the way pages are structured, through to the user feedback we get when they complete a form, we will ensure that your website sticks in their minds.

step 3


  • Smart code for rock-solid pages

    Our developers don't rest until their code is perfect and their pages work on all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile. They use all their expertise in HTML and CSS to ensure that your pages are bomb-proof.

  • WordPress and WooCommerce: made to measure

    Every web solution demands a unique approach. This is why Tallest steers clear of generic themes or excessively complex plugins. Instead, we custom-develop WordPress websites. Our WooCommerce shops are fully adapted to your sales targets, your product range and your target group, but always with the same emphasis on optimum conversion rates.

  • Lightning-fast websites: it goes without saying

    No matter how attractive or usable a solution is, any effect is lost immediately if the server is slow or the pages sluggish. This is why we don't only develop fast, responsive websites and shops, we also continuously monitor the hosting servers so we can intervene if your website's performance starts to dip.

Here at Tallest, we do more

As well as developing custom WordPress solutions, we inject added value into existing websites.

  • Maintenance Maintenance

    We also look after websites built by other parties. We’re fine with that.

  • Continuous improvement Continuous improvement

    Anyone who has invested a lot of time and effort into a website or shop wants to continue developing it. We provide advice on the best strategy and, if requested, we quickly add on new functionality.

  • Optimization Optimization

    Aiming for the highest possible conversion rate, we actively search for ways to improve the profitability of your existing solutions.

  • Scrum Scrum

    Tallest specializes in short turnaround times. By working in short, focused sprints, we can rapidly develop and publish solutions.

Tallest. Big at profitable websites. From brand websites to entire webshops, and from landing pages to conversion rate optimization.

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