25 years of specializing in flexible picture hanging systems
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Product specialist Artiteq guarantees safe, durable and flexible hanging systems for paintings and wall decorations for consumers worldwide. Forget the nails and screws, Artiteq’s suspension systems adorn the walls of countless offices, museums, schools and homes without littering the surfaces with holes. With their endless adaptive possibilities, Artiteq can hook up customers all over the world: so far, visitors from 172 countries have viewed their inspiring online offerings.

To adequately display Artiteq's limitless range of ingenious hanging solutions, the company called on the expertise of Tallest and a marketing partner, Admonks. Together, we developed an inspiring website in six languages with extensive functionality that makes it easy to find and simple to navigate. Visitors of the brand-new website instantly find what they came for: a suspension system for artwork that does leave them hanging.

  • Year
  • 2018 – now
  • Deliverables
  • UX & Visual design
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Team
  • Arjan Smeets
  • Bram Huisman
  • Marijn Bankers
  • Michel Kusters
Marketing partners

From Business Platform to Inspiring Website

Artiteq's new wide offering and range of innovative solutions on its website entices every type of customer. Visitors are invited to take in relevant information and schematics and inspirational imagery and track the nearest Artiteq point of sale. Artiteq’s new website allows their international clientele to make well-informed decisions when finding a wall-proof solution.

“The Tallest team developed a perfect website for us. Their knowledge and years of expertise is what makes our collaboration successful. The clever minds of Tallest are accomplished developers and do everything they can to quickly and thoroughly optimize the functionality and interface of the website. We are very happy with the end result.”

Arjan Hoeks e-Commerce Manager at Artiteq
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Custom Artiteq Store Locator

Instead of sending consumers on wild goose chases, the new Artiteq website is engineered to help customers locate and contact Artiteq points of sale in their neighborhood – with the click of a mouse.

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    B2CBusiness to Consumer

    As a visitor to Artiteq's new website, you will be guided through a straightforward sales journey. The fresh, clear-cut design helps consumers navigate towards their optimal hanging system.

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    B2BBusiness to Business

    Beside serving their individual customers, Artiteq also offers flexible suspension systems for companies at home and abroad. Thanks to the distinct and compartmentalized use of text, images and pictograms, both target groups know exactly where to look on Artiteq’s website.

“We have been working with Tallest for several years. We got to know Tallest as a friendly, young and enterprising company that likes to think alongside you to come up with creative possibilities and solutions. Our hard work paid off; we are proud of the beautiful end result and happy with Tallest’s pleasant collaboration.”

Laurianne Booden Marketing & Communication at Artiteq

Flexible, SEO-Optimized Website in Six Languages

Artiteq's new website offers a wide array of functionalities: optimal online findability, easy-to-manage content and multilingualism – availability in no fewer than six languages. To reach these milestones, SEO optimization played a major role, as did the development of a flexible Content Management System (CMS).

The end result is a website with endless possibilities, pleasant to manage and ideal to navigate. The new website enables Artiteq to better serve its current clientele and attract new target audiences.

Pages Bring the Products to Life

The renewed Artiteq product pages excel in displaying Artiteq's extensive range of picture hanging systems attractively while emphasizing their endless possibilities.

The product pages present all the information consumers desire in an inviting manner. Clear descriptions, comprehensive illustrations and appealing photos bring Artiteq's products to life. To inspire consumers, possible ideas and solutions are highlighted and professionals are provided with the necessary technical information.


“Nothing is impossible for Tallest. The Tallest team keeps their promises - to us and to our customers. Their ambitious and optimistic work ethic makes them a partner we enjoy joining forces with.”

Paul Raaijmakers Owner of Admonks

Impressive results

Artiteq's website's attractive design, its improved customer journey and the focus on findability played a major role in achieving the impressive results. Artiteq now attracts over 500,000 visitors from 172 countries annually. Moreover, many of these visitors use the custom-made store locator to find Artiteq’s nearby products.

Prior to the development - and immediately after the launch of Artiteq's new website, Admonk's Online Marketeer, Paul Raaijmakers, measured Artiteq’s website performance. “The outcome is impressive. Most of the site positions, 13 out of 29, have improved. Another 12 remained stable. The loading speed, measured in Google Analytics, went from 5-6 to 3-4 seconds. This great progress was immediately measurable after the launch.”

Impressive results

Super-fast, globally

  • 500.000+ Pageviews

    per year

  • 172 countries

    visitors from all over the world

  • 240% Store locator

    Goal achieved: increase the use of the store locator

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