The largest online mattress and box spring comparison site in the Netherlands
main screen is the largest independent mattress and box spring comparison platform in the Netherlands. In 2015, Matrassenwijzer was born out of a desire to make it easy to choose and buy the right mattress. It has now grown into a true authority in its field, with its own quality mark and marketplace with affiliated specialist stores.

In order to be able to offer sound online advice, Matrassenwijzer works with an independent selection guide, an extensive knowledge base, and a shop locator so that customers are quickly directed towards the most suitable mattress.

Based on their experiences with an initial version of the website, in 2017 Matrassenwijzer decided to harness Tallest's expertise to develop a completely new platform that would use extensive user research by Bankai and the latest insights in conversion optimization as its starting point.

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  • Arwin van der Velden
  • Michel Kusters
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Comprehensive selection guideFast and easy to use

As a first step towards finding the most suitable mattress, the selection guide plays a crucial role in the customer’s journey at Matrassenwijzer. Devising a functionality to effortlessly arrive at a relevant recommendation presented a number of challenges —both technically and in terms of UX—that the Tallest team was all too happy to tackle.

The result is a user-friendly and super-fast selection guide. Using it, every visitor can find a suitable product in just ten steps.

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Extensive databaseLifeblood of the website

The selection wizard is a source of valuable information about users' search and decision behaviors. In order to fully exploit the potential of this data, Tallest has set up a database in which every user's choice is stored. Based on this data, Matrassenwijzer can then further improve its product range and positioning.

“It wasn't the easiest task. A comparison site with complex algorithms, traffic generator with shop referrals and a marketplace complete with webshop. Tallest is a fully committed team, who are highly motivated, intelligent and skilled. They have developed and built a fantastic site, but just as importantly, one that is incredibly flexible and solution-oriented. And that, as far as we're concerned, is worth ten out of ten!”

Paul Sonnemans CEO at
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Personalized resultsThe power of a customized algorithm

In order to be able to make the correct, personalized recommendation for each user, Tallest developed a tailor-made algorithm, the main requirement of which is the ability to filter the available data quickly and effectively, and to match it with the preferences that have been entered.


“On behalf of, Purple Curve has been working with Tallest as a marketing partner for many years. For the team at Tallest, nothing on the list of crazy things we want for a WordPress or WooCommerce website raises any eyebrows. “Can't” simply isn’t in their vocabulary and as a marketer, it is such a relief to be able to work with Tallest. They have a solution for everything, sticking to what we agreed, working in a structured manner, and delivering to a very high quality.”

Linda Balk Founder at Purple Curve

Dashboard for shopsBasis for the marketplace

As an extra layer on top of the existing functionality of the website, Tallest developed an independent marketplace for Matrassenwijzer, where affiliated stores and brands can log into their own dashboard and manage their own product range.

Based on the data entered (such as location and stock), the best matching points of sale are shown for each recommendation.

Impressive results

A resounding success

  • 290% Increase

    in organic traffic via Google

  • 59% Increase

    in e-commerce conversion

  • 950+ advices

    Matrass Wizard advices per month

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