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Judex is the country's leading source of legal information for both individuals and lawyers. The website contains information and documentation on a wide range of legal issues, ranging from employment law to divorce and from social security to personal injury.

In addition, Judex positions itself as an online meeting place for lawyers and law firms. Especially for this purpose, we developed an easily searchable index where users can filter by specialty, location and level of experience.

At Judex, the challenge was to make an enormous amount of information accessible in a clear and user-friendly manner. We took up this challenge and delivered a fresh, stylish website, optimized for searching and displaying various types of content, from videos to downloadable documents.


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  • 2018 – now
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  • UX & Visual design
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress Development
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  • Arjan Smeets
  • Arwin van der Velden
  • Marijn Bankers
  • Michel Kusters
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Large amounts of informationquick and easy to navigate

The Judex web portal offers users an impressive amount of legal content. However, new users can also find the specific information they are looking for, thanks to the smart sitemap that allows them to quickly navigate to any topic they want.

We have put special focus on optimizing loading times, so that the requested information is quickly displayed.



The Judex domain already contained more than 2600 unique pages, which we redirected in one go when the new structure went live, maintaining all Google rankings.

To meet the specific requirements that Judex imposes on the findability of its pages, we developed a custom URL structure that is better suited to this than the standard WordPress structure.


Largenumberof visitors

Judex has always been developed with the aim of attracting large numbers of visitors. The website receives more than two million visitors a year, with peaks of up to 100 visitors requesting pages at the same time.

This requires the website to be well monitored, to ensure optimal performance, regardless of the number of visitors.

“We've been working with Tallest for years. Tallest isn't just highly skilled and professional, they also really understand the issues behind our questions. They employ that insight to proactively help us. They are a pleasure to work with and always meet our deadlines, so you can understand why we're happy to work with Tallest!”

Michiel Houben Co-Founder / Managing Director at Greenhouse Group BV

packages and mediation

As an important starting point for finding legal help, Judex frequently uses landing pages focused on conversions to legal services. Tallest keeps a close eye on the performance of these pages and continuously adapts them where necessary. All this results in ever better page conversion rates and a greater return for Judex.


“For years, we have been active in online marketing and establishing start-ups. Tallest is our go-to partner for web development, and we trust them implicitly. In addition to their very strong knowledge of development and project management, they are also well versed in online marketing, which ensures excellent results”

Hein Medema Director at Codator

Developing together with Scrum

At Judex, Tallest also applies the Agile working method, Scrum. This allows us to quickly and effectively improve the existing website and implement new functionalities.

We work on the basis of a backlog of requests for the further development of Judex, in which we define and implement the most relevant action points together with the client, step-by-step.

Offices and profiles

Tallest designed a system for Judex that includes an office finder in combination with individual profile pages, in order to ensure the optimal findability of law firms. Law firms receive login details for Judex, allowing them to set up and manage their own unique office profile as they see fit. The content of the profile pages is then indexed and is easy for visitors to search on the basis of, for example, speciality or business location.


Impressive results

Judex offers users a wealth of information

  • 2+ million Dutch people

    ... find independent legal information on Judex every year

  • 0.26 sec avg. load time

    Judex runs like a dream on our optimized server

  • 2620 Redirects

    A successful SEO migration, maintaining Google rankings

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