We achieved massive increases in conversion rates for the largest supplier of printed underwear in the Netherlands
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MijnCadeau's mission since 2012 has been to spread more love with its unique, printed underwear. With a team of 34 people and webshops in four different countries, MijnCadeau now helps tens of thousands of people every year to spread their loving messages.

Tallest has been actively focusing on optimizing conversion rates at MijnCadeau.nl for several years now, starting in 2017 with implementing a custom product design plugin in the existing WooCommerce shop. In this plugin, we paid extra attention to how user-friendly it was on mobile devices, which immediately led to a conversion rate increase of 240%.

In 2018, a redesign of the whole webshop resulted in an even more impressive conversion rate increase of 315%.

Since 79% of all orders are now placed on a mobile phone, we will continue to strive for the best possible conversion rates for this target group.


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  • 2017 – now
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  • UX & Visual design
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress Development
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  • Arjan Smeets
  • Arwin van der Velden
  • Bram Huisman
  • Michel Kusters

Tailor-made design with a focus on mobile

By taking mobile devices into account in the design of this webshop, we were able to offer a customized solution with smart design elements that led to an impressive increase in conversion rates.

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Custom product design pluginConversions more than doubled

While the existing MijnCadeau product design module was based on a standard WordPress plugin, it was quickly discovered that Tallest's custom module led to a much higher conversion rate. The new module was specifically tailored to the MijnCadeau product range and ordering process, with an extra emphasis on the mobile user experience.


MijnCadeau.nl uses WooCommerce, a fully complete and reliable eCommerce package that is particularly well suited for this company's multilingual webshops.

WooCommerce is the ideal basis for developing tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience with WooCommerce, we were able to quickly add a conversion-oriented product design module to the webshop.

“Tallest is really great! They think proactively with us, come up with suggestions and points for improvement, and are always looking for cost-saving solutions. I can proudly show the revamped MijnCadeau.nl to the world!”

Michael Tesselaar Founder at MijnCadeau

Impressive results

MijnCadeau serves tens of thousands of customers in four countries

  • 240% Conversion rate increase in 2017

    with Tallest's new product design plugin for WooCommerce

  • 315% Conversion rate increase in 2018

    through a new custom WordPress theme with a focus on conversion

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